Screenshot 1

CANica 3.0 appearance with empty configuration.

Screenshot 2

CANica 3.0 during the development phase. A toolbar and a code editor with syntax highighting are shown to program your application.

Screenshot 3

Sample application of a parameter configuration utility in CANica 2.x

Screenshot 4

Sample application for different product demonstration. Using a background image you can give it a modern look. CANica 2.x

Screenshot 5

A simple calc made with CANica. Nothing to do with CAN Bus, but also possible with CANica. CANica 2.x

Screenshot 6

A custom Interactive Generator Block where you can send different frames, select the transmission period for each and the content. Below, a trace embedded into the working area to view the received messages.

Screenshot 7

CANica in a vehicle interior concept (Ficosa Senzai) used to manage all CAN bus communications and visualize information in a virtual dashboard. More info here


2009 FICOSA International